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Is society's dogma not really the way you wish to live your life?

You’ve got dead lines to meet and more paper work to get through... but what about now?  Isn’t it time to relax and enjoy the ultimate in private pampering?  I am here to satisfy the intellectual needs of those who like to unwind from hectic corporate days...or you have been in desperate search of some RNR...

I know you desire someone who has a sparkling personality and who will be charming company.  You can engage in witty banter, stimulating chit-chat or intellectual, therapeutic conversation with ultimate discretion.


 With me you will find unparalleled exclusive massage & concierge services for You...Executives, Lawyers, Doctors, Professional Atheletes and traveling Business Professionals.

This will be a unique boutique-style relaxing escape for YOU, the elite male.

Come experience Luxury and Quality....Your choice of session will be individually customized to your specific needs.  

This will be an indulgent and memorable experience that will leave you breathlessly satisfied like you've never been before. 

Irresistible, tantalizing, provocative, unforgettable. 

This is the Sensual Art of Erotic Massage Touch.


I am Sasha Lane, Sensual Masseuse and Body to Body Specialist.


  Pleasure is redefined thru Progressive GFE Sensual Massage, Body Work, Concierge and Companionship Services.

 Experience the extraordinary...

This is the Ultimate in Elite Male Sensual Massage and Exotic Concierge Services by THE SENSUAL GFE THERAPIST,  




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